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Boundaryless Art: Your Introduction to the Art World

WTF? (*What The Fresco?)

Brilliant Activity Book (Series of 6)

Beyond Haiku: Women Pilots Write Poetry

The Flux Agents Guidebook



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21 Things I Want in a Leader

I am Unperfect

Reinvent the Wheel of Success

Be an Artist...In Your Work

A Renaissance Life: For Those Who Thrive on Flux, Flow, and Fluidity

Renaissance Women in Stiletos

Renaissance Women: On Gender Equality

Are You a Renaissance Woman?

Renaissance Women

The Cirque Du Soleil of Her Imagination

Maria Mejia - Taboo Issue Topic: HIV

Sonia's World


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Craft Business Life

Dr. Dawn on Careers - SiriusXM

When Women Fly

Served - Military Women's Stories

Storyslam Rome (The Together Network) - New Beginnings



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Are You a Flux Agent? - Alice Coatalem's Blog


Ph.D. Thesis

Thesis - Flux Agents: A New Psychographic Categorization of Contemporary Businesspeople 

Journal Article (SSRN)


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Is it Better to be a Small Fish in a Big Pond or a Big Fish in a Small Pond? - Business Insider 

How to Survive Your Annual Performance Review - Fast Company

The Goldilocks Approach to Challenge in the Workplace - Magnet Culture

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Women in Aviation - Four Lakes, WI Chapter (virtual) (2021)

Dare to Dream VUCA Masterclass- Botswana (virtual) (2020)

NAWMBA (National Assoc. of Women MBAs) Conference - Chicago, IL (2017)

EDBA Conference - Paris, France (2016)

UPS - Louisville, KY (2016)

College Women's Leadership Conference - Louisville, KY (2016)

Association for Talent Development - Louisville, KY (2016)


Some places you search for. Other places find you.
Be a tree. A singular beuaty of nature, a tree is grounded on this earth but growing outwards and upwards towards the heavens. But as part of the forest, it strengthens the collective.
Tell me what is on your heart. Show me what you see.
I want to know that story.
We try to look forward, even though the past keeps grabbing our legs. Don't stumble.